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Not my turning point gaming rig

I have until April 7th right? I really don't need the Turning Point rig, but It's still fun to show o-... share. Well anyway here it is:

The Specs:
-GIGABYTE GA-P35-DS3L Motherboard
-2.66 GHz Core 2
-2 Gigs WINTEC AMPX DDR2 1066
-EVGA GeForce 8600GT (not as bad as you might think)
-250gb Western Digital @7200rpm
-BenQ CD+-rww/DVD DL+-rw
-Floppy Drive (I still use it sometimes, is that normal?)
-19' Viewsonic 1440x900
-?' Dell from 1994 1280x1024- Awesome dual monitor action

This thing really is my pride and joy (however sad that may seem) and I uprgrade it whenever I can scrounge up the cash.

Just for fun, here are my consoles:

Notice the shitstorm of wires to the left. It occasionally gets untangled but I've learned not to even bother as it just gets messy in a week or so.

And heres my 360 on my *FREE* 42' Panasonic plasma. I won it. That was cool.

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