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Super Smash Brothers Brawl.

So heres, the lowdown. I got Brawl at 12am and drove straight back to my pad (yes I will use 70s term in my blog deal with it) and couldn't put it down till 7am. My roommate and I decided we will go for only 5 stock muti-player matches and will not touch single player till we have all the charaters unlocked. Took a long time, but we finally got everyone late last night. He seems to be burnt out of Brawl, but like Melee I want more. I always want more. Only break I've taken sense its release I had to work Wednesday (I work in a mom and pop game store where I played Brawl 3/4 my shift) and I guess now. Without online, I'm stuck doing the single player matches/events. These are fun, but i need people to play...it just doesn't feel the same. On a postive note, I did go to my local Gamestop and won our tourny, so I have a pretty wrestler trophy sitting on my mantle. I told the guy, I only care about the trophy I will not be going to the direct finals. I refuse to play any more with a Wii mote/nunchuck. I never want to play with that combination again and its a shame we couldn't use GC controllers. Overall its fun and I enjoy it way more then I should. If anyone else is in the Cincy Area I will be running Super Smash Brawl Tournaments at the Gamecity 360 in Newport on the levee. Entry is $5 and the winner gets a FREE $60 game, so its well worth it. If we dont get at-least 15-20 we will not run the tourny so please come down and support the Melee/Brawl Scene. Well 1 blog post down, thousands more to go.

I do have a question for all you readers, who you all maining?

1.Olimar (this guy is insane, if used correctly hes hands down top teir if not best charater in 1v1 on Final D period. I didn't expect to use him but hes so much fun)

2.Toon Link (I've never been a Link player, and Toon Link is just enough different for me to really enjoy his playstyle. I love his meteor down. Using a bomb then combing into that when someone is trying to come back to the level is godly.)

3.Pit (This was the first character I picked up and wont he tourny with. I destroy almost everyone, his recovery is godly, almost so godly you lose a lot of power and good skills for his recovery. Hes very noob friendly but in the hands of a great player I could see being high to top teir.)

On a side not, if anyone has any tips, or criticism send them my way, I love video games to much, and need to improve my writing for school :) So thanks for reading and keep on playing.
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