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The Playback Machine: Starter Dungeon

The adventure begins!

After landing on the strange new world of Guardia, our bold party decides to do what every proper RPG party does: go cruise through the starter dungeon. Breathing in the deep, wild air of this new world, we take our first brave steps forward. Not seconds later, we are approached by a strange woman on a magical flying device!

Welcome, indeed! She greets us as "travelers from the stars," and says that perhaps our coming is foretold. With that, she flies away, leaving us as alone as ever. I have a feeling we'll be seeing more of her...

Walking a little further down the road, we come to a fork; one way seems to lead into the nearby city, and the other leads to an innocent looking ladder leading underground. Of course we take the ladder.

The dungeon air is dank, and the hallways dark, but we push forward. Why, you ask? Because we seek the much fabled EXP. Trudging around the empty halls, we soon encounter our first chance to test ourselves in battle!

Lovely fellows, eh? A few sword strikes and fist bashes later, and they are soundly defeated. Our first victory, and we drink it in!

Moving further into the dungeon, we fight a few more battles, and find a fountain of healing (convenient!) Soon, in a plain looking room, our eagle-eyed ranger, Tragic, spots something on the floor:

The simple scroll turns out to be a tattered flier for "Paluke's Arms and Armors" in New City. We'll have to keep that place in mind...

A little more adventuring, and we come across the thing that excites adventurers even more than EXP: a treasure chest.

Moments later, our sneaky thief Liam takes a stab at disarming the trap on it and ends up getting himself killed. That's what we have Quit + Reload for! Another few attempts, and Liam finally gets it. Unfortunately, there is not much in the chest save for some rusty armor and a rusty sword, and a handful of what we think are Potions of Cure Light Wounds (we are not skilled enough to identify them yet).

Making our way down to the lower level of the dungeon, we fight more battles, and everyone manages to hit level 2, as well as generally improving their weapon and casting skills. A little while later, we come to a door that strikes us as most ominous...

Something tells me we've got our first boss battle on our hands. Let's see how it goes...

Victory, sweet victory! Levels are gained, treasure is found, and the starter dungeon lay defeated! With that, we return to the surface, confident and ready to start the game for real! Next stop: New City and, dare I say, adventure?
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