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Topgear's Impressions from Capcom Digital Day 08

So as some of you may know, I was one of the lucky few who got to go to Capcom's Digital Day. There was some crazy business involving Capcom's community and stuff, but what happened is that Azereki and I got to go to play all of those games before you.

which was hella tight.

Anyway, CTZ isn't the only journalist who is writing about this event. I myself am a writer and EIC for my college paper, (whose online website is shamelessly pimped to your right), and I wrote an article for my games column. It's in severe need of copy edits, and I may decide to not publish it (cause I have that power), but I figure I may as well show it here. Remember, I had word count constraints, as well as a focus on simplifying the topic for a non-gaming audience. So if the article isn't golden, well, I know.

For people in the know, Capcom is one of the most influential game developers on the planet. With major hits such as “Megaman,” “Resident Evil,” “Devil May Cry,” “Dead Rising,” “Street Fighter,” and other triple “A” titles, Capcom is the Warner Brothers of games. So when I got invited to Capcom Digital Day ‘08, a media event within the gaming press, I was immensely flattered. Here’s what I saw:

Lost Planet: Colonies: A major expansion to last year’s “Lost Planet: Extreme Condition,” this game follows people as they struggle to fight giant bugs on an ice covered alien planet with only their guns, grappling hooks, and nine-foot mechs to keep them warm. On demo was a new multiplayer mode where one player gets to be a nasty beast while everybody else tries to kill it. It looks good, will have Xbox 360 versus PC multiplayer, and will hopefully fix the problems with the first game. Coming out on May 28 at $30, it seems like a good deal.

We Love Golf: A new Wii motion-control golf game, this one is special for being online and having special character costumes of Capcom characters. Shown only in video form, the most exciting aspect of the game is that it is made by Camelot, the same developers who made Mario Golf and Mario Tennis. If it can equal those games, “We Love Golf” should be something to look forward to in July.

Megaman Starforce 2: Zerker X Saurian and Megaman Starforce 2: Zerker X Ninja: A new Megaman RPG aimed at the kids for the Nintendo DS. The graphics were bright, and the gameplay was fast. The most outstanding feature is going to be the Pokémon-esque online trading of “Battle Cards” which are in-game battle commands. If it all sounds too cute, you’re probably not the market for this game. Since this is the JC we’re talking about, “Megaman Starforce 2” is almost certainly not your market.

Street Fighter IV: The much anticipated sequel to the Street Fighter series, Capcom didn’t show much of anything of this game. As a matter of fact, the only thing shown was a brief snippet of a new luchador fighter. And that’s it.

Bionic Commando Rearmed: A remake of an old NES classic, Bionic Commando Rearmed is an Xbox Live and PlayStation Network title that is being rebuilt completely from the ground up. A side-scrolling Spiderman with guns, it looks good, but seems a bit difficult to play, as many of the players had trouble getting through the demo level setup. Whether it’s hard or just unfair remains to be seen.

Plunder: Another downloadable game, Plunder is a pirate-themed strategy game. With bright, simple graphics, a hex-based gameplay sort of like a board game, and player made stages, there’s a lot going on for this game. If the price is reasonable, this could be a great game to look out for.

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