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American Anticitizen One

American citizen?


I got some good news and some bad news.

Bad news: We are fucked.

Good news: We've been fucked for decades so it doesn't really matter.

After the American News media portrayed gaming through a uninformed and biased point of view, I stopped watching news because I thought anything the news has to say has to be uninformed and biased.

I was totally wrong about the first, partially right about the latter.

It is not the fact that they are uninformed, their only choice is to ignore.

It is not the fact that the news media is biased, it is just telling you what the corporates and government want you to hear.

Reason why?

News broadcasting stations are owned by conglomerates that dabble in almost any business possible. And their owners are always extreme right-wing, because it is profitable. It wouldn't be good to look bad on news, which usually has the power to sway public opinion.

News gets most of their funding from advertisements. Which means they need to look good to corporations that fund them through advertisements. Sadly the gaming industry as a whole isn't one of their major contributors.

Okay, so my decision to avoid the news as much as possible was a correct decision even if I wasn't looking at the whole picture.

The problem is that most of the public watches the News. Even if the viewers are smart and informed, they don't know everything. They will still get mediated information believing that the news is correct to some degree. Sadly a lot of people aren't smart. They will be directly influenced by the news, their thought process in the hands of corporations and the government. Only issues they will disagree is the ones they are informed about.

They will still trust the news. Believing that the news in uninformed on that specific topic.

I was actually shocked at how much the news influenced me on issues I did not know much about. I pretty much followed their mediations on certain topics.

Oh and by the way, I didn't vote primaries cause both democrats are similar, and they are both heavily influenced by lobbyists. I was going to vote Democrat but fuck it. It doesn't matter who becomes president as long as its not George Bush, history shows that it always depended on the president, not on which side of the coin they were on.

"Meet the New Boss. Same as the Old Boss."

If you actually read my rant... thanks... its not really a topic to post about in gaming blog.
However this changes my view when ever the news media covers gaming in a negative light. Its only the small part of a bigger problem.

And hell, its probably old news for many of you guys anyways.
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