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Wtf is wrong with my steam account?

I'm back from the hospital and tube free!!! Anyway, because I had been lacking for the last week, I decided to log on to steam and play some PVK2 (download it, its fucking sweet). I typed in my password and hit login when this popped up:

I tried several times typing and retyping my password to no avail. I even tried other passwords from other accounts. So, realizing that it wasn't going to work, I clicked the retrieve a lost account button. I tried several times, both by inputting my username as well as my email adress, and while it said that I would be sent my information, I never was. What is wrong? Was I hacked? I've never given my password to anyone or downloaded any 3rd party software which I did not know was legit. Admittedly, my password was easy to guess, but that doesn't explain why I can't get my emails, especially since it recognizes my email address as a correct one.
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