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Starcraft 2 balance worries

My favorite thing about Starcraft (despite my incredible suckage) has always been its balance. In no other RTS that I have ever played have the races been so equally matched. For every strategy there is a counter strategy, and a counter for that as well. But with the of new SC2 media coming out, I've been worried. Take alook at these 2 videos (the terran one's long so sxkip through it):

Now, my problem is that, while the Zerg now seem like an unstoppable force of pure rape and destruction, the Terrans seem like, well, the Terrans. The Zerg looks to have much more powerful units, and with their speed and cheapness it looks like they will be able to annihalate the Terran forces without much of a problem. Are my worries justified, or do you think that Blizzard will make this game as balanced as the last?
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