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A picture worth athousand words, perhaps more?

This morning I descided to surf the internet, naturally by opening opera and typing "the internet" into google. After browsing for awhile I stumbled across this picture:

Now, I didn't think much of it at first, dismissing it as a simple cartoon, not understanding its whole meaning. But then, as I looked at it longer (being in the hospital, all I can do is look at stuff), I finally realized the entirety of its message. This picture, this simple little drawing, conveyed the entire story of my scholarly career within its 100x500 pixel border. I felt angry at not knowing of this picture long ago, as I felt that if I could have only shown this to my parents and my teachers, they would have understood me, and that I may be top of my class at Rocket Science University instead of having a childhood filled with detentions and ADD medication.

Now I know that I have probably enlightened many of you, and some may find it difficult to handle the truth finally being shoved before your eyes, but for those of you who are strong, feel free to discuss the message of this all powerful image.
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