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The Playback Machine: Intro

I've got the party fully assembled, and we're ready to begin the adventure! To save the time of me laying the groundwork of the story, I'll let the game speak for itself...

(No, that isn't our party, but the intro is the same.)

I'm going to run us through the first dungeon tonight, and then review the journey tomorrow!

For the record, the party came together thusly...

ZargonX - Lizardman Fighter (dumb as a rock, tough as a rock)
Ryoga - Felpurr Ninja (fast like lightning!)
Liam - Hobbit Thief (super sneaky, super lock pick-y)
Tragic - Elven Ranger (our super scout, ready to stick arrows in things)
Styos - Mook Mage (smarter than your average psychic alien thing)
Hito (Hitogoroshi) - Rawulf Priest (pious as the day is long)
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