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An introduction to failure: my first blog post

I have been a viewer of Destructoid for almost a year and now, being stuck in the hospital with a tube in my chest, I thought as good a time as any to crate an account and write one of thes C-blogs I've heard so much about. So I guess, this being my first, I should give the obligitory introduction to myself that I've seen in so many other fledgling bloggers first posts.

What's up.

I guess I would consider myself a hardcore gamer, as I play a lot of fucking games, as well as ones that do not involve fucking. (See what I did there? I know, you can stop reading now if you want). My first gaming experience came when I got a gameboy pocket for Christmas one year, along with a game called Mole Mania, which is a game I remember as being pretty awesome in which you solve puzzles by burrowing under the ground. Now, I realize that this my bring into question the validity of my previous statement that I am a hardcore gamer, as I only started gaming during the gameboy pocket era. Well... FUCK YOU, I'm just as hard core as anyone here, it just took me awhile to start playing. Don't judge me. After I got my gameboy I got rather into games, and bought a Supe Nintendo, my first game being Super Star Wars. It was a second generation SNES, the small compact kind. This didn't really matter much other thatn I got 16 dollars for selling it to Funcoland rather than 14, a story of stupidity that I will share with you in a little bit. It wasn't until I got Pokemon (once again FUCK YOU I am hardcore), that I really got into gaming. I played that game for 200 hours, erasing my game 4 times accidently and never catching 150 pokemon (I had 149, tried to use a gameshark for pinser because I had red, then ended up fucking up my save). After that, it was history. I got a PS1 and n64 and my wonderful journey into the gaming world started to consume me.

Now, when I say that I play alot of games, that doesn't mean that I'm good at any of them. Just to avoid confusion, I'll post a list of things that describe me as a gamer:

1. I spend alot of time gaming and I love it.
2. I suck at all games other than worms.
3. I suck at worms.
4. The only game I have ever not sucked at is Tony Hawk's Pro Skater
5. I suck at Tony Hawk's Pro Skater

Now to continue my story about Funcoland from before, I was still young and naive, an unaware of the values of my games as well as the way in which major retail chains fuck you in the ass on trade-ins. I wanted some new games and had no money so I decided to bring in my SNES, which had been lying dormant in my living room for awhile. I brought in the system and all the games to the counter, and began to give the clerk my games (except Madden 95 which he rejected). I gave him my collection and then my SNES which I got 16 dollars for (An amount that I thought was fair given the antiquity of the system and my aforementioned naivete) the I brought out my last game which the clerk accepted with wide eyes and an exclamation of "Wow!" The game was Chrono Trigger (I can hear the thoughts of the collective jealous readers wishing they could have gotten to me first), which I had bought for 5 dollars from a friend (once again, jealous readers). After calling in a co-worker, the clerk said he would give me 16 dollars for the game, a price which I thought incredible as it was just as much as the system. It was not until I searched for the game on ebay later that day that I saw it going for 45 dollars at the lowest. Now, you would think that with the money i had gotten through the sale of this equipment I would have at least gotten something good. Well, I didn't. I got Sonic Adventure DX, one of the hsittiest Sonic games, not to mention games, ever.

Just a few more tidbits about myself: When I'm not gaming or going to class I am watching Futurama and trolling a certain anonymous imageboard. I also have a field spaniel named Penny who will rip your balls off.

Well, I hope that I didn't fail too much and this will be the start of a wonderful new stage in my life full of typing.

See ya.
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