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Let me show you my dirty SSBB pics. Oh wait, I fucking CAN.(cus of covah)

I'm not going to dance around it, SSBB is a great fucking game. I clocked 11 hours last night with a friend playing it. I ended up going to sleep at like 7am. We took some pretty dirty pictures. Most of them were hilarious. A little while ago I thought, "hey, Dtoiders are dirty fucks, I bet they would dig this shit". So I transfered the photos to an SD card, then I tried to access them on my PC, and to no surprise, Nintendo pulled a fast one on me, the pictures can't be recognized. What are they scared of? That I'm going to post pictures on the internet of Toad going down on Princess Zelda (Sheik)? (yes we took that one).

So unless you're on my friends list (you're not), you ain't seeing them. Bull-fucking-Richard-Simmons-shit! FUCK.

I also have a picture of Snake closely inspecting Sheik's ass.

God dammit.


Covah, aka-- AWESOME, sent me a link for a program to transform these files into actual pictures. Covah, you pimp.

whats he doing with that flower?
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