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Attention Online Smash Bros. Brawlers!

Considering that I've gone through and added close to 50 people, it would be a ridiculous chore to PM each and every one of you. I've gone through all three posts and gathered all of the friend codes that have been posted on Destructoid. If you see your name listed below, please add me so we can cut into each other's sleep and personal lives with hours of brawl. My friend code is: 1976-9851-3934.

John: 2249-4328-2984
Ta: 1246-8419-8284
Toneman: 2492-3780-7931
The Bez: 3308-4245-3311
Mxy: 2750-0776-6751
Necros: 2277-6293-0947
Scary Womanizing Pig Mask: 1590-4361-6937
Blindside Dork: 3136-6230-2560
H2Opolo: 3823 8180 1251
Spitfire: 1676-3367-2326
ConsFEARacy: 4382-1643-1300
Tubatic: 1762-2359-5359
Guagloves: 1160-9413-4230
anchorman84: 4253 3168 6557
ajay42: 5198-2055-9482
The Bez: 3308-4245-3311
jdub28: 3995 6166 4181
smurfee mcgee1805-1832-0150
HarassmentPanda: 3336-6677-7886
SanityMask: 3265-4736-8739
Hitogoroshi: 5455-9077-1787
BluFire: 0989-1408-6518
pkhilson: 0387-8474-2533
bbrigg1: 0473-7435-0363
IceMax: 1504-5379-0571
glandseck: 2191-7309-4721
CronosBlade: 3050-7261-2769
Aerox: 1289-7862-6084
sumfight: 4382-1633-0758
bloodylip: 0946-1904-3510
JazX: 1461-5869-7216
TheIncredibleEdibleEgg: 4382-1650-7945
CrakaSlim: 3351-3728-7411
Clyde: 5198-2086-2860
Welkstar: 3308-4250-9505
madsweeney: 0216-0453-2659
king3vbo: 0130-1477-6313
ZombiePlatypus: 5241-1596-6452
ShinOni: 5455-9051-5763
wobbledong: 3222-5221-4629
smackifilia: 2277-6339-3111
bbrigg1: 0473-7435-0363
Ice_Max: 1504-5379-0571
glandsack: 2191-7309-4721
Invasive_India: 0774-3911-6840
Reverand Anthony: 4639-8642-8814
electro lemon: 3394-3264-7115
topgeargorilla: 0559-6428-1240

Also, if you're not up there, just add your number in the comments. I'll be watching, and I'll comment when I've added you.
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