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360 Chatterbox: TMNT-The Arcade Game

I'm fairly new to the world of 360 gaming online with the headset, but I am continued to be amazed at what I hear. While some of it is chock full of homophobic racists, other times it is filled with strange conversations that amuse or puzzle me.

In this first article of a series of future articles entitled 360 Chatterboxes, I will relay some of the goofy stuff I've heard while playing co-op games online.

- Why do the majority of headset users sound like they are from Alabama or West Virginia? I half expect them to be eating a plate of biscuits and piping hot cheese grits in their NASCARs.

- One guy bragged about his prowess in TMNT, but then managed to rely on glitches to get to Shredder losing only 5 lives. Is using glitches really showing of your skill?

- This same guy also lamented the quality of Power Rangers' latest season, but heaped praise on the first few seasons, which he watched while in daipers. Nobody prompted him to continue his in-depth analysis, which also pondered the question "Why do Power Rangers have racist costumes?" This kind of stuff wasn't even profound when I was in middle school!

- He would also chastise you for being a bad turtle for not following his order to cheat at boss fights. "See him- he's not a Team Turtle!"

- On a more positive note, I did play a later game with a Canadian who discussed retro arcade games and knew more about American politics than myself.

Anyone else have wacky convos while playing TMNT online?
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