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The Playback Machine: Part I

In an effort to enrich the knowledge of others, as well as give myself an excuse to play more games, I've decided to embark on an adventure of playing through some of my favorite old games that I haven't played in a while, and of course sharing the whole experience with everyone else!

To start with, I've decided to go all-out and re-tackle Wizardry VII: Crusaders of the Dark Savant; a game I personally consider one of the best PC RPGs made. A lot of you may have never played this game, let alone even heard of it, and I'd like everyone to get a chance to see how great it was.

To help add a little interaction to this whole experience, I'm taking volunteers who'd like to see their namesake loaned to my party of adventurers. I, of course, will be leading, backed up my you intrepid volunteers. With the two volunteers I've already got, that leaves 3 slots on in our glorious party.

Slot 1: ZargonX
Slot 2: RHibiki
Slot 3: Hitogoroshi
Slot 4:
Slot 5:
Slot 6:

(And if more than 3 people volunteer, I'll do good ol random drawing to decide who gets in!)

So if you'd like to be a part of this grand adventure, just say so! You can also pick your racial preference from the wide variety available:

Humans (soft, squishy humans)
Hobbits (charming, weak hobbits)
Elves (snooty, magical elves)
Dwarves (hardy, slow dwarves)
Felpurr (Cat-people; fast and nimble)
Rawulf (Dog-people; pious and strong)
Gnomes (Smart and weak)
Lizardmen (Very strong, very tough, about as smart as toast)
Dracon (Tough and smart and breathe acid)
Faeries (Fast as all get out but weak as a kitten)
Mook (Big, hairy, alien psionic dudes. So, yeah.)

Let's get this adventure rolling!
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