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Not my Turning Point gaming rig

Now when I say "Not my Turning Point gaming rig" I truly mean it. As you can see I have a Mac and we all know that you can't play anything worth talking about on this system. "Not true, you can play EA games on it!" Go fuck yourself, I don't want to play EA games dammit. I want to play TF2 with mouse and keyboard support. I want to worry about my frames per second and attempt to increase it by tweaking my system. I want to ALT+TAB my way from games to desktop. If there's ever a problem, I want to be able to troubleshoot it myself and not send it back to Texas every other month. I want it all!!! I am a gamer and I desperately need a gaming PC. I can't play ANYTHING fun on my Mac.

Hook me up with something capable of playing Duke Nukem 3D please :(

Sure it's sexy, fun to use, and gets no viruses but I CAN'T PLAY AUDIOSURF!!!! I'm tired of you bastards talking about games that I can't enjoy. Help your boy Kryp out and get me a PC. That is all.

Sigh. One can dream can't they?
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