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Not my Turning Point gaming rig: Broken Hearts


There she is: my baby. A 3 year old, 1.67GHz PPC PowerBook G4 that just came back from surgery after a complete hard drive crash. She's fantastic, always helping with blogging, shoopin', Amazoning, the occasional synthin' and the ability to replace the suicide inducing soundtrack to Burnout Paradise with ABBA and Rednexx remixes. She's great and there's absolutely nothing wrong between us....oh. crap.

Alright, so the relationship isn't perfect. We've been through counseling, tried communicating better, hell, we've even tried "experimenting" but the end result always falls a little flat. There are only so many options we have to work with and...and...I dunno, it's like she wants what I can't give her.

Late at night, when we're just hanging out, she'll ask, "I could really go for some nice, hot STEAM from the GameTap right now." All I can do is nod my head and shrug a little. Other times, she'll ask me, "remember the good old days? You know, when Sam & Max would come by and visit? I hear they're back in town, maybe they'll stop by!" If only she knew.

I don't have it in my heart to tell her the sad truth. I can't give her what she needs and our friends have long since left us behind. I turn to you, Destructoid, in my darkest hour to help this breaking couple.
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