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Point & Counterpoint 9: Smash Bros. Melee is Better

This is the ninth part in a series with Caffeine, you can view his part on Smash 64 here.

In honor of Brawl’s release this Sunday (2 MORE DAYS!!!!!), we’re doing a special Point/Counterpoint this week. Back in college, I found that gamers were divided into two camps. Those who played Smash for the N64, and those who played Melee. The Melee kids refused to play the older version, and the 64 kids refused to play Melee. We’re hoping to put this debate to rest. Which version is better? The answer is clear. It’s Melee.

Today’s Topic: Melee vs. 64

In short, Melee takes everything good about the original Smash Brothers (which is most of it), discards the tiny amount of fail, then adds tons of new content and gameplay mechanics that are, for the most part, epic. If you enjoyed the first game, there is no legitimate reason as to why you wouldn’t enjoy all the improvements of Melee. Complaining about the new features being too complicated and complex, in my opinion, is just stubborn clinginess to nostalgia, and those games are going to be seriously disappointed in Brawl. Just as Melee was the perfect successor to the original, and a better game, I expect Brawl to be even better than Melee. Nintendo knows that they’ve done something right with the Smash Brothers franchise, and they know exactly what’s needed to make the game better. Melee got it right, and from the reports from Japan and people who’ve gotten their hands on a copy early here (You lucky bastards), Brawl is going to blow Melee out of the water.

Happy Smashing!
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