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Smash Bros. and the Hype from Hell

First off, I'm not going to turn this into a rant against Smash Bros. Far from it. I think the game is good. But, forgive me, I don't see it as being THAT good. Yet every gaming blog, Joystiq, Kotaku, and, yes, even our beloved Destructoid, seem to faun over the game with a lust not seen since we saw our first Playboy (don't know you looked!)

Sure, you get to take your favorite Nintendo characters (with a few cameos for good measure) and beat the ever loving crap out of them. Fair enough. We all know Donkey Kong deserves to get his a** beat a few times. For me at least, I don't see the longevity of the whole thing. Unless you've got tons of friends who constantly come over, I just don't see Smash Bros. as having that long of a gaming life. One of my friends comes over and almost masturbates to the wonder that is Smash Bros. Brawl and I'm just not seeing the fascination with the whole thing. On top of that, Joystiq has now created a page DEDICATED to Smash Bros. and its insipid updates. WHY?! Is there such a dearth of fighting games out there that we find one we like and just cream our pants over the whole thing? If so, I think someone needs to remind them that there are other games on the horizon which will destroy Smash Bros. Street Fighter IV comes to mind.

Fighting games have been around forever, from Karate Champ to Street Fighter and all the absolute crap in-between (Primal Rage and Time Killers, I'm looking at you!). Many are great, a few are mediocre, and others are absolute crap. For me, I'm looking for a fighting game that takes more than button mashing. I want finesse, style, and most importantly...skill. Smash Bros. always seemed to devolve into a button mashing match and got old really quick. Games like Guilty Gear, Street Fighter III & IV, and Virtua Fighter 5 all require pretty good skills to really play well. Smash Bros. just doesn't do that.

Please understand, this isn't a rant against the game. Not at all. In fact, I'll likely get it once I beat a few other games collecting dust on my shelves. I won't be at the Midnight Launches or Tournaments, etc. I'll wait and pick up a used copy eventually. Unlike these gaming blogs...I can wait.
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