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Rock Band @ Ground Kontrol in PDX: The Story

So this past Tuesday, Toneman, LostCrichton, king3vbo, and myself went to Ground Kontrol, a 2 story retro-arcade/bar in Portland, Oregon. Every Tuesday nights they have a Rock Band set-up that is pretty sweet and not unlike karaoke, except that it involves people playing fake videogame instruments as well as singing.

The screen for Rock Band is projected behind the band members, but a small LCD TV is also displaying the game below at an angle where the members can actually see it. They also have a smoke machine that chugs out tasty smoke clouds during the performances. Most impressive is how the song roster features all the latest tracks-- they even had the recent Grateful Dead bundle.

Our band was called Pacific Dick and we rocked it with 3 songs: Creep, Missippi Queen, and Don't Fear the Reaper. Other band names were amusing, but the most impressive ones had to be either Mario Speedwagon or No Cure For Herpes.

Some of the arcade games we played before the Rock Band madness were Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (I managed to beat the first level one-handed while drinking some Mike's Hard Lemonade), Marvel VS Capcom 2, Asteroids, and the original Star Wars Arcade Game.

I'll have an epic vid of the adventures up soon, but here is the text take on things.

Anybody ever play Rock Band in a bar or in a public venue?
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