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Bloodrayne 2: Deliverance (Movie): Review

This past weekend I had a party with some friends and we watched one of the more recent films in Uwe Boll's ouvre, Bloodrayne 2: Deliverance. Take a dash of vampires, a dollop of wild wild west, and a sprig of random pig squeals, then bake for 30 minutes. The resulting dish will be not unlike this movie.

The original Bloodrayne film was a violent vampire picture set in medieval times. This sequel is a tame Western picture set in Deliverance, Montana. Bloodrayne the dhampir has decided to travel to the United States (?) to square off against a vampire Billy the Kid and his throng of vampire cowboy minions. While she has massive blades, she prefers to fight with a six-shooter to take out her foes.

After getting knocked unconscious by the butt of a rifle in the midst of a murky battle, Bloodrayne retreats to the open plains to form a team to strike back at Billy the Kid. Sadly, the best she can do is round up a perverted preacher, the first horny guy she can find at a whorehouse, and a random gunslinger.

The highlight of the movie is Michael Eklund as the preacher, who is wonderfully over the top and out of place in what is generally a grim, serious cowboy movie. Just take a look at this picture. Seriously, he makes faces like this the whole time!

Apart from a few funny performances and a legendary penis as a life lesson metaphor ("Life is like a penis-when you're hard, you're screwed, but when you're soft, you can't beat it"), there is not too much to recommend here. It is enjoyable for the small moments of camp, but could have been sillier-- out of place humor seems to be Uwe Boll's forte.
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