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DESTRUCTOID CANCUN: I Have an Afro Edition


Seriously, just look at that thang. Everybody knows that drinking and having fun is always made better when there is a dude with an afro to join in the fun. Additionally, I don't drink stupid shit like banana martinis like a certain someone who has a head shaped like a mailbox. Seriously, give me a bottle of Jager and some energy drink and an hour later everybody will have been sexually assaulted by me and it will most likely end up on camera.

When asked why my afro is awesome, I got a mixed response from several dtoiders.

"because your white" --dyslixec

"too much seman" -- lark ohiya

"It just.....is. Thats like asking why Chad is awesome" -- Colette

"because i banged my chick last night. ok um because you banged my chick last night. i banged your chick last night. there we go. I banged you last night so your hair went poof." -- TehuberOne

"because we are incapable of growing one" -- CannibalCalvin

"because I touched it" --Phist

also cocks
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