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ZOMG Zelda movie!

I'm sure most of you have seen this (it has over a million hits) but it came across my radar so I thought I'd share it anyway. A couple of 17 year olds put together this fake trailer for a Zelda movie. Probably for their Telecom final.

Gotta give them at least a little credit, right? It certainly sparks the "what if" question.

I mean, what if there really was a Zelda movie? Who would direct it? I wonder if Link would actually fuc*ing talk? What would be even cooler is there was this golden suit of magic armor that took movie-Link like six hours of ridiculous grinding to get, and when he finally puts it on he discovers that the armor is actually a huge piece of shit that drains his fuck**g money as he wears it around. Y'know, because that makes a lot of sense.

Oh well - Back to re-runs of Whorecraft for me...
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