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Talking with Tazar: Fah-jai-tah -- like "vagina" but not


You've heard the C-Blog True Internet Story: Michigan NARP, now I bring you a behind-the-scenes look at the "fajita" incident.

11:47:07 PM Tazar: off topic
11:47:10 PM Tazar: at applebees
11:47:14 PM Tazar: when the waitress came up
11:47:18 PM Tazar: i said something about fajitas
11:47:24 PM Tazar: and i pronouned it fah jai tah
11:47:27 PM Tazar: like vagina
11:47:31 PM D: score
11:47:32 PM Tazar: she almost died laughing
11:47:36 PM Tazar: she snorted
11:47:38 PM D: wow
11:47:39 PM Tazar: and she almost dropped our drinks
11:47:41 PM D: fucking midwest
11:47:44 PM Tazar: shes like god dammit
11:47:50 PM Tazar: everytime somebody says that i lose it
11:47:53 PM D: WOW
11:47:58 PM Tazar: lol

I think it's safe to say, from looking at the above evidence, that the Midwest was responsible for both "According to Jim" and "Everbody Loves Raymond" having ratings. That is all. Goodnight and thank you.
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