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Season 4 is coming, the goose is getting fat...

Apparently the WoW's PTRs have been updated with more Season 4 gear according to MMO Champion.

I'm really curious as to how Season 4 is going to work. On one hand Season 3 is just about complete if you go by Blizz' typical PVP season time frame, which would lead one to believe that it'll drop right about the same time frame as 2.4...

...Yet 2.4 doesn't seem like it is going to come out until April or so. So when you start considering an April release for 2.4 / Sunwell, along with a summer of season 4 PvP and then factor in the impending release of the Lich King in early fall (along with an increase of the level cap from 70 to 80, which if BC has taught us anything, will essentially invalidate all items pre-level 74 or so) it suddenly becomes understandable why a lot of people are talking about taking a break from WoW until the expansion is released.

Lookin' gangsta while running through Shattrath with mah Onyixia kite...

I just finally finished grinding my character to be fresh-to-death in full season 3. Perhaps I'll take a break until Lich King comes out as well...
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