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Original Xbox security mistakes...

I work around a lot of very smart people. Sometimes I invite the smart people over to my house for large parties, with hefty quantities of booze and cute girls. Sometimes when I have these parties the smart people like to bring over their latest tech gadgets to impress the other smart people I've invited.

I remember at one party a smarty brought over an Xbox that I was pretty sure came from the not-so-distant future. It looked like an Xbox, but it had some sort of cool blue LCD display on the front of it that said his name along with the current temperature inside of the Xbox amongst other shit. He showed me that he had modified it to have a very large hard drive. It also had a custom OS on it. It also had just about every MAME game you could imagine on it, along with games for the N64, SNES, TG16, Genesis, Jaguar, GameCube and more... And yes, I did test the GC games to see if they worked. And they did...

This Xbox 1 from the future also had a lot of music videos on it. And a ton of just regular MP3 music, too. Plus custom music "screen savers" like the 360. And it also had a bunch of movies on it, and TV shows as well. It could even rip music CDs and DVDs.

It also had a coax video-in built into it. That was probably the sweetest part about the setup. He plugged it into his cable and with the aid of some custom PC software he wrote and the Internets, he was able to tell his Xbox-from-the-future when to record television shows - remotely.

I finally asked him how the fuck he did all of this. "Simple" he said. "The Xbox is a breeze to hack."

Read: 17 Mistakes Microsoft Made in the Xbox Security System

We were all amazed at the Xbox from-the-future until one of the cute girls said "Umm, my Dad's computer, does like, all that same stuff too."
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