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Are the indepentent developers Sonic's only hope? [edited]

I think that it's old news, but.. Several days before i discovered 2 ongoing Fan Made Sonic projects. Nothing to do with half-baked 3D sonic or 2D like NeoSonic. (which is cool)

The first one is Sonic GL. Most of you already know about it. There are also videos around Youtube

Sonic GL video

Yeah it feels extremely good even if the video shows pre-beta gameplay footage. You noticed the giant textureless robots too... This is the first 3D fan made sonic i heard. Oh did i mentioned that it uses OpenGL?

The second and most impressive attempt is an Unreal Tournament 2004 mod named Ashura Dark Legion. You can visit its page at MODDB.

Ashura Dark Legion Video

There also will be a Sonic mod for Halo named "Sonic and the Genesis of the Azure Wind"
I don't know why but there is also the name "Sonic Online" floating all over the internet for the same game. the main page of the project is here

sonic online or whatever name is... video

Oh and there were also a Sonic:Source but the creators halted it.
Will these attempts from fans worth the wait? Will the fans show the way of making Sonic Games to Sonic Team?

All we can do for now is wait until these games/mods come out...

edit note: pardon me but i hate BBcodes... especially when they don't work the way they should
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