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Surf games, where are you?

DISCLAIMER: English is not my main language, so if you donīt want to read raped English you can click away.

Let me start talking about one of my greatest loves: Boards.

I loved to Snowboard the year i was able to, i love to sand board when i go to vacations, i love to windsurf on summer, and Surfing is one things i try to practice as most as i can and love every second of it. (actually i body board cause i am too clumsy to surf regularly, but my new long board is arriving soon) Enough of myspace intros.

So what do my games need? Boards love of course.

Skateboarding and snowboarding, get games every year, and they are good.
Skate is great, Tony Hawk series where great, SSX series still rock my socks out. And you can find them on very single next gen console.
Surf does not.

The last two games i remember playing where: Transworld Surf and Kelly Slater Pro Surfer.

The first game: Transworld Surf, was a solid game.
It used good physics (most of the time, cause it had those impossible air moves), the moves where great, the beaches looked real, and it was damn hard to play.
You had a nice arrange of boards, you needed to duck dive to get past waves, and you could call the jet ski toe girl to take you to the right spot.
I couldnīt finish the god damn game, but sure i had an awesome time playing it.

The other game was: Kelly Slater Pro Surfer.
And it was a Tony Hawk with waves and surf boards. It had all the fun of the Tony Hawk series: mad moves, simple controllers, button smashing for extra combos, crazy moments, and good good times.
Multiple mini quests like tony hawk, the surfer magazine cover was a great thing, it was fun.

So why canīt i have a new surfing game?
I know it wont happen cause iīm am sure the sales on those game where utterly crap.
But still, dreaming is good, and i dream with a solid surfing game like skate.
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