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Next Halo 3 FNF.

After reading Alex's latest FNF recap, it became clear alot of people are alienated by the newer Halo 3 maps, who has the and who doesn't. It seems like there are a few people who would like to jump in, but can't due to this factor.

So, for next week, why not have a schedule? I know it sounds all organized and shit, but if it helps the night run better, and more people enjoy themselves, I'm up for it. Would be pretty simple. For instance, play Normal Maps Customs from 4 - 7, DLC Customs from 7 - 8.30, then jump back into normal ranked matchmaking. This way, people who want to play can, and we don't feel as bad when we have to kick them. It also means, with them all getting split up at the same time, they can go and create their own party, which can keep on truckin.

Anyway, just an idea? Thoughts?
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