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Friday Night Fights 31 : Use Your Voice!


Here we are again my friends. I can't wait to tell you all the AWESOME things happening with FNF. Really, there is some major sh*t going down soon, and I want you all to be apart of it. You gave us a reason to ban together for one night and game our little robot hearts out, and soon it'll be time to give back.

That said, welcome to another night of hardcore gaming! No we aren't going to all get naked and rub each other with peanut butter! By hardcore, of course I mean all night with multiple games and systems. Although, there have been some incidents..

Don't forget Destructoid, theirs plenty of Fight Night to go around! Our brothers across the pond are getting started soon, so if you want to warm up for FNF, I suggest you make it over there! Of course Yojimbo will take care of anyone looking for a good time on the PS3, and Caff Powered will soon have an independent host! It's all looking up!

Hey newcomers! If you're new, all you have to do is post a comment in today's blog, and make sure you message or friend request whatever host for whichever game! Don't forget Destructoid, FNF starts and ends with you!

This section keeps coming back as a big thank you message to the people who make fight night happen, including you Destructoid! More specifically, Caff Powered, Cronos Blade, Power Glove, Vexed Alex, and Yojimbo should be held responsible for fun times.

Burnout Paradise: Our usual host for Call of Duty 4, Power Glove, will burn some rubber with you tonight!

Gears of War: Gears will be hosted at Midnight, EST. Just send Snaileb a message!

Call of Duty 4: Harder Better Faster Stronger

Rock Band or Guitar Hero III: Does in fact need more Cowbell.

Team Fortress 2: If you prefer the gimped 360 version over the PC, we got you covered.

Halo 3: Teabagging Edition

Bomberman Live: If anyone wants to get a game going, DO IT.

Poker Smash: If I'm around I'll host a game or two if anyone is interested. - Cronos

The PSTriple crowd have got their plans laid out, and this section is pertaining to what games they usually play.

Unreal Tournament 3: Yojimbo is now head chancelor of your PS3 activities, and you can usually find him hosting this.

COD4: Once done with UT3, it's time for some running & gunning.

Burnout Paradise: Not in the mood to shoot people in the face? Then why not use a car?

Warhawk: Whether on foot, in a jeep, in a tank or in a Warhawk death is but a moment away.

Team Fortress 2: Custom Maps
TF2 server information

Server: Destructoid.com - TF2
Pass: destructoid

We thank you for your continued support of FNF and hope to see you there tonight.



CronosBlade - CronosBlade (Hosting, Poker Smash, Culdcept Saga POSSIBLY)
Snaileb - Snaileb (Hosting Gears/COD4)
powerglove - P0WER GL0VE (Hosting Burnout Paradise)
Vexed Alex - Party Foul Alex (Hosting Halo 3.)
EnternalDarkWing - ShadowTrooper X
electrobes - electrobes
electrolemon - electrolemon
PraiseChaos - Praise Chaos
007 - salman707
BFeld13 - BFeld13
BigPopaGamer - BigPopaGamer
NihonTiger90 - NihonTiger90
Superbeefy2050 - Superbeefy2050
-D- - SuckerPod
aborto the fetus - asbestosSNDWICH
Aequitas - Lifehacker J
Agent MOO - Agent MOO
AlucardX24 - AlucardX22
AngelsDontBurn - AngelsDontBurn
Arugala 9 - Longclaw Ghost
Atlus - t0m hankz
Bahamut Zero - SmokingRobot
Blehman - Mikey6467
BlindsideDork - BlindsideDork
bloodylip - bloodylip0
Booger goblin - Booger goblin
Bunnyrabbit2 - Bunnyrabbit2
Buster - Ebil Fox
Butmac - Butmac
CaffeinePowered - CaffeinePowered
Cheeburga - Jesusaur
cjpkiller - cjpkiller
ConcFEARacy - ConcFEARacy
coonskin05 - coonskin05
Cowmaster627 -Cowmaster627
Clockwork - SaveTheOxen
DaTgUy - ISSI DatGuy
demios - Demios1984
detry - detry
droobies - droobies
DVD Design - Metalocalypse
EternalDarkWing - ShadowTrooper X
Fuzzy - Astrolivin
Grim - warchiefgrim
GuitarAtomik - GuitarAtomik
Hamza CTZ - Hamsatoid
HarassmentPanda - HarassmentPanda
HawtPawkitHero - HawtPawkitHero
Hip Hop Junkie - xHipHop JunkieX
Holyetheline - Affinitia
Hoygeit - Never On
iDano84 - iDano84
itemforty - itemforty
king3vbo - king3vbo
Knives - Knivy
Kryptinite - Kryptinite
little burro - little burro
LostCrichton - LostCrichton
Macca - MaccaHacker
Mason Rhade - Mason Rhade
Mr Wilson - Mr Wilson954
nademagnet - BL00DW0RTH
Namelessted - Namelessted
Necros - NecrosTerminus
Neonie - Neoniec
NihonTiger90 - NihonTiger90
PwnDaddy - Snack Mage
riomccarthy - Rio McCarthy
Rorschach - Mister Logan
Silverback 55 - Silverback 55
Simmons 2pt0 - Simmons 2pt0
Shipero - Shipero
smackifilia - Capn Murderfest
tekoa - tekoa25
Th3Gold3nDonut - Th3Gold3nDonut
tehArtist - iDano84
The Incredible Edible Egg - Wired Ronin
Sleepingagain - neverwasmine
superbeefy2050 - superbeefy2050
twinkiebots - twinkiebots
Ub3rSlug - Ub3rSlug
unstoppablejuggernaut - CLIMAXone
Vegas - Vega3059
vexed alex - Party Foul Alex
wardrox - wardrox
Y0j1mb0 - Y0j1mb0
x MikeZilla x - Savant
xMalachi - xMalachi
xmetninjax - xmetninjax
xXpeR - xXpeR
Zeia - Zeia
ZeroTolo - ZeroTolo
ZServ - ZServ
CarlostheJackal - DX Jackal 2


Shipero - Shipero
Y0j1mb0 - k0wb0y-b33b0p
CronosBlade - CronosBlade
liam2015 - liam2015
MrSadistic - SaintSadistic
Mr Wilson - ThePwnRanger
king3vbo - king3vbo
Kryptinite - Kryptinite
BrOnXbOmBr21 - BrOnXbOmBr21
bhive01 - bhive01
iRaf - Ddagz
Vegas - Vega3059
evil_cheese - evil_cheese
kami - ponyboykami
trydizon - trydizon


Steam ID (TF2)

Note : Big thanks to CaffeinePowered for going above and beyond for the community. He has been renting this server for some time, and if you haven't had time to catch his posts, you should.

About the Steam Server : Server IP:
Server Name: Destructoid.com - TF2 Server
Slots: 22
Pass: destructoid

Scotty_G - ScottyGrayskull
Knives - Knivy
bloodylip - bloodylip
lucashoal - lucashoal
Vega3059 - Vega3059
TheLordRandom - TheLordRandom
ConsFEARacy - ConsFEARacy
Alanar - Alanar
neon900 - neon900
BahamutZero - salami_tsunami
Scape - Scape
shipero - shipero
BunnyRabbit2 - BunnyRabbit2
king3vbo - king3vbo
Evil Cheese - Evil Cheese
TheGoldenDonut - TheGoldenDonut
deiga-the-semivaliant - n8dogg
Eschatos - Eschatos
Kamikaze_Tutor - Kamikaze_Tutor[2]
HipHop Junkie - Vendetta3
wdot - wdotica


To get any additional information needed on Friday Night Fights, or to even discuss the events before or afterwards, then please visit the Official Friday Night Fights Forums

What? Stop gawking! What's that? You don't remember what to do? Well a quick tutorial of Friday Night Fights is all you need.
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