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PRINCE of Persia: The Sands of The Time

Video games are great, we know this, but there's room for improvement. Downloadble content? Nope. HD graphics? Nope. Motion control? Nope. Surround sound? No. Blu-rayz? No. The answer is: Prince.

Our fellow community member, Cowzilla asked the Gods of Gaming in an earlier post, "Is there a Prince video game? If not, why not?" power-glove responded, "...because the amount of work that would be needed to create this masterpiece would be so daunting that developers fear the undertaking." This is true, which is why Tazar and myself have taken the sacred duty into our own hands. Afterall, if a [url=http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Michael_Jackson's_Moonwalker]pedophile[/url] and a crappy rock band can get their own games, why can't The Kid?

Without further ado, I bring you...

The story follows our diminutive protagonist, Prince and his love interest, Apollonia, on their way to a free concert Prince is holding for homeless orphans at his famous studio complex, Paisley Park. All is well until Morris Day and The Time, tired of playing second fiddle to Prince's awesome, kidnap Apollonia and cause Prince to drive his Little Red Corvette off the nearby Graffiti Bridge. Bruised, but not defeated, Prince emerges from the wreck, pulls his Yellow Cloud Guitar from the trunk and begins his perilous journey to Paisley Park.

Confronting the 6 members of The Time will not be easy, but Prince has some tricks up his blouse. Scattered throughout the complex, Prince will find Raspberry Berets, which will grant him invulnerability for a short time. Prince also has the ability to collect the tears from doves and use them to call down a Purple Rain which will harm all enemies in a given area. The dangers are bountiful and Prince will have to get crazy to confront Morris Day under a cherry moon, for the final battle and fate of his free concert.

Would u die 4 Prince? He would die 4 u.
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