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Five Games That Need Prince


The entire time I played Katamari Damacy, I thought to myself This could use Prince.(Granted, I think that about every game.) Thus, this brilliant idea was born.

You play as The Great One´┐Ż, Prince. His head has decided that it needs a vacation, so it goes and rolls around the Japanese countryside, talking to cows and putting dolphins behind his ears. The King of the Cosmos will speak to you at various points of the game, asking you for guidance, and how to be as awesome as you.

Your response? Well, that part is entirely up to you. That's right, it's a choose your own Prince-venture game! Layers, upon layers, upon layers, upon layers.

So I know what you're asking yourself. You're saying, "Why are there only two games listed in this top 5 list? Why is Prince so sexy? Why have I never had the glory of Prince inside me?

The answer is simple: More than two games on the market featuring Prince could and will destroy the world. It will allow you to divide by zero, it will allow you to have sex with little girls, and it will allow you to shit your pants. Not even Chuck Norris could prevent such a catastrophe.

The other questions you asked? You'll have to listen to your heart for the answers to those.
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