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Tales from 2/27/08 at GameStop.


Well yesterday I was scheduled to open my store and as some may know we had a few games coming out. Most notably were Patapon (YES) Lost, Lost Planet for PS3, Turning Point, and a few others that no one bought on release.

First off, Patapon is amazing, and if you consider yourself a real gamer, you need to play this simply because theres nothing else quite like it. Its a side scrolling real time strategy where you enter your commands as a turn based rhythm game. GO!

Anyway, i had been trying like mad for the past 2 months to get people excited about this game and get some pre-orders and stuff but no one cared. "Its only 20 dollars!" i would say and they'd be like "who cares i want madden/need for speed/the sims." At least I did have two guys (both older, like in their 30s) come in and buy it on release.

Then we had the Lost game. Two people bought it from me even though I desperately tried convincing them not to. I told them it was short and would be cheaper than 60 dollars soon or they should just walk across the parking lot to Bluster and rent it but they didnt seem to care. At least the one guy who actually pre-ordered the game came in and canceled it, putting his money on Vegas 2. Smart move.

And for some awful reason, the corporate warehouse decided to only send us one copy of Lost Planet for PS3. I like this game and if I had a PS3 id be happy it was coming. Well, Sorry we only got one and I sold it and we may never see it again.

Ok Im going to play Patapon. I need some rain JuJu.
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