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New Band Worth Getting

Just a small blurb, but after being a huge fan of Stabbing Westward, I figured I'd post this. The lead singer from that band, Chris Hall, started a new band called The Dreaming after SW disbanded in 2002.

Well, after too damn long, they finally released their first full album, Etched in Blood. It hasn't left my CD player or Zune playlist since getting it. Its got a sound thats hard to describe, but I would put it somewhere between Stabbing Westward and a punk band. The lyrics are good, its great workout music, and definitely worth getting.

Supposedly, the CD's available on iTunes, but I've not found it yet. No store I've found carries it, either. If you can snag it, its definitely worth it.

Ok, enough shilling for a band...back to gaming. Speaking of that, I finally picked up Ninja Gaiden Sigma. HOLY FARKING COW that game is hard! I only played a little of the original Gaiden on Xbox and really wish I had played it back then. Now I can't wait for part 2. I've really got a craving to buy a new game, but at this point, I'll have to wait until the end of June to pick up MGS4 and work on the crap I've already got so I can start trading some of this stuff in. Still havn't beaten Twilight Princess, Bioshock, R6 Vegas, Final Fantasy XII, Metroid Prime 3 and then keep leveling in WOW.

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