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Destructoid and the Workplace

So, I recently left my job of 5 years and moved to a new one (a good thing). The biggest change, though, is that my internet browsing time has now taken a severe hit. Perhaps somewhere down the line, when I am settled in the new position, I will find a few more minutes a day to waste idly on the interwebs, but in the meantime I'm a severe no-browsing regime.

This, notably, has also impeded by ability to blog. Now if I want to write a blog, it's an after-work, evening affair, when I'd really much rather be playing video games or assorted other chicanery. A tough situation indeed.

So this makes me really wonder, how many of us D-Toiders are idling away the work hours as they read this? How many of you are blogging from work as we speak? Is Destructoid as an important part of your workday as coffee and inane emails?
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