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Captivating Photos & some Super Smashing Brothers stuff.


I normally don't post blogs about pictures, especially when they're not about something hilarious. But my friend, Becca (pictured above), just posted her website up and I thought I'd share. Captivating Photo is just a collection of her photography from people around Texas and such. She's pretty good but I really liked her website design. Time to steal her code and make my own photo website of people in embarrassing poses.

In other news, I saw that Super Smash Bros. was coming out really soon. Like, next week. I'm probably the only person not jumping head over hills for this game, as it seems like the same stuff I play now, only with some new characters. Plus, it's going to be like every other game coming out. Ya know the scenario. Huge game is released, you rush out and buy it, play it for 5 minutes and then rush to the computer to review it and/or blog about it. Then after a week, you're talking about the next big thing. I remember when Halo 3 came out, same thing happened. Everyone ran out, bought it, reviewed it as "best game evar" and then Orange Box was released. Halo 3 doesn't have near as many players as it used to have. Best game evar? Well, if it was, you'd be stuck to it like white on rice for as long as you could, not just a week or a month. Same with Mario Galaxy. After a few weeks, you don't hear anything about the game and how people are loving it. I personally still hold Super Mario Bros. 3, World, and 64 as the best Mario games "evar". I'm not doing that with this game. I'm excited about it. I mean, everyone needs to beat the crap out of a Pokemon every now and then. But I have other games I'd rather play. Just my thoughts, and remember to read my side graphic. It's my disclaimer on how my thoughts work.

This has been DryvBy with another blog not proof read in the least bit. Enjoy the website.
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