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TF Tuesdays - FTP Goodness


Warning: Artistic

First off, give a special thank you to ScottyG for purchasing an FTP for the server, this removes my previous limit of 500 megs. I don�t think I could fill this FTP entirely without the server provider complaining to me that the map folder on the server as too large.

Secondly, tonight I am testing an automated plugin that should automatically start (and end) TF Tuesdays. I�m also trying to use the plugin to change the server�s map rotation and name after 11pm cst, changing the server to just dustbowl and 2fort for late nights. So far this has not worked entirely, but I will continue to tweak it in the coming weeks.

New Maps

ctf_2bridges_f2 � made by our very own ZargonX � the map he is working on right now isn�t ready for a beta test, so I thought we could give his previous map a run.

ctf_Chaos_b2 � top rated CTF map on fpsbanana, can�t go wrong with that.


ctf_convoy updated to ctf_convoy_v2

Scotty and I have also been discussing about getting HL StatsX installed, but it�s a bit slow going without command line and SSH access to the webserver, more info hopefully in the next few weeks.

--Usual Copy Pasta--

If you want to be involved in the contest make a post here, with at least your Steam Community name, since some people's dtoid and Steam names don't match up.

--2 weeks left in the Contest--

Current Contest Leaders:

1) Canibal Calvin - 1246
2) Sanity Mask - 1028
3) SPORE - 883
4) ``SanityMast - 742
5) Jazx - 723

A month is a long time and there is a ton of time to play catch up

UPDATED - Map pack can be downloaded here

Again, if you would like to get placed on the reserved slot list for dtoid readers, please POST YOUR STEAMID HERE.

Time: 8pm Central
Server: Destructoid.com - TF2 - Pew Pew Pew
Password: alsococks

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The Class Guide is now complete, check it out if you missed it

General Tips and Tricks
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