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Audiosurf in your cblogs

Note before reading: This will be my first try to rant a game in English, hopefully i will not rape the language.

I played the beta, for like 20 minutes, and that was it! No more fun, nothing new, nothing epic, nothing to blog how awesome it is.

Te game sure has some innovation, it shows different paths and different "colour patterns" depending on the song you import. Yes, thatīs new, play whatever the fuck you want.

But (there is always a but if you wanna rant something), it doesnīt offer a real challenge.
There is no real stage to complete, there is no: God i canīt with those shreds in Cowboys from hells in expert mode, there is no motivation for playing a fast song, or slow song, it just feels empty. You can skip all the blocks on the song, or just play the i will pick yellow and only yellow play mode, i suppose you can fail a song, but still no challenge, no: The princess is in another castle.
From my point of view, this game looks like an mp3 player with a moving ship that picks colours. I donīt remember destroying the song if i made mistakes with the blocks, i donīt remember having like volume upīs (if that concept actually exists) when i did good colour matches and combos, there was nothing extra to the songs i was playing. The audio creates the path and colours, but you can still play it on mute and enjoy the same game.
And donīt tell me you can play another rhythm game on mute, cause you miss the "rhythm" and you must be a freaking robot to get the colours that are falling right.

To summarize what i feel, Audiosurf is a nice music player, with a mini game inside.
But i would rather have a minesweeper with more colours that arrange the bombs depending on what song i chosed for it.
I canīt find the WOW everyone is talking about.

/end rant
(or attempt of one)
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