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GDC + Wondercon + <3


Last week was convention week for downtown San Francisco with a double delight of both GDC and Wondercon beckoning teams of gamers, nerds, and geeks to visit the bay for the week. Living and working only few minutes away from the Moscone center, I was privy to attending both conferences as a social floater of sorts, watching the flux of conference passerby's on the street as they moved to and from their sessions and housing the occasional Dtoid member in my abode if necessary. While I didn't get to attend GDC itself I had the privilege of attending a handful of the aftermath parties and hanging out with some of my best friends from the interwebs.

Check out my gallery photos on my Flickr account, but in the meantime here's a quick list of highlights of the week:

Putting up Nick, Chad, Dale, Rich (from Pixeljam), Anthony, Charlie, Ceark, and Dexter in my San Francisco home (Chad even managed to absorb the dining room with his 26 different outfits, thereby designating the space as the Chad Room)

Meeting the rest of the Mega 64 team (Derrick, Shawn, and Garret) and acting as a passive participant in their upcoming GDC video podcast

Obtaining two drawn and signed Sam & Max sketches from Steve Purcell, followed by exponential degrees of fangirlish ooh's and ah's

Unofficially declared married to Dan Paladin in the Hilton hotel by a drunk lobby-goer. While Dan and I are not married, we are certainly Top Friends with marriage.

Meeting the rest of The Behemoth team (Emil, John, Billy) and contributing a variety of collaborative artwork to the booth table with Dan

Becoming the delighted victim of Chad and a great range of dirty things he said to me, including: "I'm gonna put a baby in you"

Flexing my reflexes, wrestling, singing and snorgling at the NARP. This community is the best around. Don't ever let anything bring it down.

Thanks everyone for coming to my city to visit! I miss you all already, and I can't wait until the next convention! LESS THAN THREES PLZ!
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