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24 hours of NARP-olepsy

Holy effing cow. That last twenty four hours have been fucking balls-to-the-wall nuts.

I kid you not, it's been fucking epic.

Of course, mostly it was because of the kick-ass NARP thrown together for Saturday, and many of you already know of the crazy shit that was happening on Stickum (which I was on for about only 5 minutes), but you guys don't even know half of the story.

Shit, I played Rock Band, my copy of Rock Band, with not only the community manager of Rock Band from Harmonix, but also Alex Navarro of former Gamespot fame. Both were hella chill, and it was fucking sweet! I was able to freaking talk about new DLC with them, and even talk journalism with Alex. Shit, I never thought that would ever happen.

There was the dude from Behemoth who is the fucking art director of Castle Crashers and Alien Hominid. There was the dude from EA, dudes from Gamecock, and this hella chill woman named Christina (I think! I was drinking!) who was wearing a Tokidoki shit and turned out to be an Art Director of Bioware! She effing worked on Mass Effect! I swear, she's working on the next effing Star Wars game. Kick ass.

Dude. It fucking rocked.

Of course, I guess I didn't do my best to hide my, um, enthusiasm, cause Husky could tell I was geeking out. Great. Well, what the hell would you have done? Fucking sit on your ass while people you fucking want to be are walking around you? It was AWESOME.

Fuck. We need another Nor-Cal NARP, STAT. It rules.

And damn, I've had about four hours of sleep in the last 30 hours. I'm going down.
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