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Last Night's NARP Party


Ok last night's NARP Party on Stickam was purely amazing. I haven't laughed that hard in I can't remember how long. I wished I was there so badly, so I was glad you guys all let us see what was going on! I had so much fun even just sitting in front of the computer.

Teta, your picture of Chad I had to post above made me giggle so much it was rediculous. You rock.

Virtualgirl, you are my new bestest friend. You are the awesomest!

Hamza, your Super Metroid skills amaze me. =P

Tiff, the pillow hat was pure awesome as well!

and last but not least..

CHAD! I lurves you!

Last night was just so awesome I now just randomly laugh when I think about things that went on. Everything from Hamza's awesome attempt at the alphabet, to my amazing phone conversation with Chad and Virtualgirl.

You all rock! Thanks for making last night so fun. Hopefully I'll have a webcam or something so I can take part next time. If all else fails, text chat was epic.

I loves you all! Thanks for all the love last night!

Edit: HOLY CRAP! How could I forget Polo Guy?! Polo Guy was totally amazing. Thank you for your polo-ness!
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