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Drunk Brits make me go "HAHA" on Xbox Live.

I'm an American living in the Midwest and I've met exactly 0 Brits in person. But in the mornings, usually playing COD4, I come across groups of Brits. Usually drunk-- I mean pissed (I think). They are almost always hilarious. I thought Americans used a lot of profanity. I was wrong. Brits have figured out how to use the word "fuck" for almost every occasion and word. They are so dramatic about it.

I often think of the movie Snatch when these guys go on a rant. I wonder what movies Brits think of when they come across a bunch of unruly Americans?

Its awesome because whenever I play with Brits it reminds me of the British SAS part of COD4. Every player is a MacTavish, or whatever his name is. Then whenever I play with Americans, usually 80% of the time, its like I'm playing the crappy Marine parts of the game, with everybody being that black guy that raps. Thats when I mute the person.

I've come across some Brits that I guess are the British equivalent of rednecks. I can't understand one word that they are saying. They are supposedly speaking English, but it registers as Jive.

"Did ya' see dat? ah' plum shot dat guy in de fuckin' 'haid. Dat moda' fucka' is wasted, man. Right On! 'Sup, dudes brains are all ova' de wall and shit. I'm audi-fivein' t'audi-five gots' some mayonnaise sandwich. "

Well, enough talking about CoD4, its time to go play it.

Jive translation from http://www.shortbus.net/dialect.html
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