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Half-Life Short Stories Interviewed

I must say that I am really getting into this interviewing thing, after interviewing Frank Klepacki the other week (see my real blog) I have had the pleasure of interviewing some of the key players behind the Half-Life Short Stories project (HLSS site)

Pretty cool interview, we talk about the ideas behind the mods involved, the idea behind the project as a whole and more. Snippet follows.

Chris - “Half-Life: Short Stories - who came up with the idea for this and what was the driving factor behind setting it up?”

Yorick: It was actually Heppa who came up with the idea, and I’ve often kicked myself for never actually having thought of it, because it’s so damn brilliant for a mod. We always wanted to tell stories, Samon and I, but they often ended up being too ambitious for mods. I was pretty close to giving up on modding and sticking with fiction, when he and Heppa got this thing rolling. The opportunity to tell a whole set of small stories was just too perfect to pass up.

Samon: His original idea was to provide small, concentrated Episodes in the Half-life universe and it happened to coincide with something Yorick and I had been discussing at the time. The idea of a series of episodes played from different perspectives and connected by an overall storyline was something we were very interested in getting into. So when he proposed to combine the two projects we jumped on it.

Catch the interview in its entirety right here.
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