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New Home Update! (beta testers insider edition)

I get all the juicy info as I am a Home Beta tester and by juicy info I mean automated emails. I have been a beta tester of Home since the dawn of time and I have literally spent maybe 1 hour with home and gave up as hanging around with five other people isn't much fun.

Anyways, I just received an Email telling me to go online for a "test gathering" Wednesday and to also grab the update to the beta. I'm thinking that if they are still working on updates for a beta that we will be waiting a bit (TONS) longer for the release of a title that was said to be released when sliced bread was considered a delicacy.

Here is the list as to what is going to be updated in this "test gathering":

-New User Interface and extensive graphics engine improvements
-New central outdoor space: Home Square
-Avatar and clothing management combined and improved into The Wardrobe
-Marketplace: clothes, furniture, items and apartments
-New Home Space to test: Summer House
-Put your own pictures up in your Home Space
-Video feeds directly into the Home Theater from Crackle.com

So who knows when this will all be over and Home can be downloaded and enjoyed by everyone.

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