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XNA demos

I've been wanting to write about this, as I've heard nobody talking about it, but those new XNA demos.... Whose played them?

I mean, I downloaded all of them, and none really stand out to me.

Culture, the flower game, sucks as a game, but seems really cool in the flower hybrid sim. I could never figure the damn thing out though.

Jelly Car, blows at only five seconds of gaming.

Little Gamers, is a stupid sidescroller that's violent, but any flash game linked to addictinggames.com plays much better.

Trivium, (or what ever it's called) is a lame ass puzzle game that makes no sense.

Dishwasher, the Dead Samuri, has the same problem as Little Gamers. For a violent side scrolling game, it's not really that different from a free flash game.

The other ones are just as bland, and I'm not writing about them because I'm too bored to remember them.

And biggest insult is the really small font in practically every game. It's like Dead Rising all over agian.

Please, let there be better games than this coming out.
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