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Attention Los Angeles residents: DtoidLosAngeles is live


I've been toying with the idea for awhile; ever since the "friends of friends" feature was added on XBox Live, and we set up an account for Destructoid's Los Angeles residents to be a part of, we imagined that more could be done.

Back in late 2007, Chad Concelmo, Charlie Suh, and Dexter345 went to the Nerdcore Calendar launch party. There were (arguably) hot girls, naked pictures, free drinks, and kickass chiptunes. Oh yeah, and it was free to get in. So why weren't you there, fellow L.A. resident?

Probably because you didn't hear about it until Mr. Concelmo wrote up an article about it on the front page.

Well now you won't be so unlucky.

If all goes according to plan, this blog will be used as a messenger to let you know about industry events and parties thrown by Destructoid members in the Los Angeles area. Want to let people know about a party you're throwing? Let us know. Want to know about other stuff going on? Add us to your friends list, and be updated every time an event comes our way.

Additionally, we will act as a catalog of the known Los Angeles-residing Destructoid members. Let us know if you would like to be added to our friend list on the sidebar, and browse the sidebar to meet other people in the area. We all know that four people on a couch gaming together is better than four people on four separate couches in four different houses gaming together, so you can use this as a means of setting up LAN parties or gamer dates or whatever.

As an example, I'm sure you're aware that the Bay Area people are having a party this weekend. Were you also aware that there is a contingent of L.A. Destructoiders who are planning on road tripping it up there? Well now you do.

Am I forgetting anything else? What other cool ideas could we execute with this account?
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About DtoidLosAngelesone of us since 9:36 PM on 02.21.2008

This account is here to let all of the Los Angeles area Destructoid members know what is going on not just in the world of Destructoid, but specifically in our hometown. Parties, get-togethers, conventions, industry events, whatever. This blog will keep you updated on what be the haps.

All of our party planning and hanging out planning happens on our Google Group! To join, just head on over to the group site and request membership. Please include your real name, Dtoid name, age, and location in your request.

If Google Groups aren't your style, then check out our Facebook group! It serves a similar purpose to that of the Google Group. We will try to keep both updated with goings-on.

If you care to, add DtoidLosAngeles to your Friends List, so that the events show up in your "New stories from friends' blogs" section rather than getting buried.

Additionally, if you add DtoidLosAngeles to your XBox Live Friend List, you can use the "friends of friends" feature to check out other Destructoid members in the area.

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