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N+ XBLA Review

Note: for all that said that my late night C-blog sucked last night, your right. Here is the review:

EDIT: This Game Gets Really Freaking Hard Early On

N+ is Like Portal in a way, not because of gameplay style, but because of how the developer took a concept so basic and turned it into something that has a lot of depth.

The story of N+ is a simple one, You are a Ninja, Ninjas like Gold, Robots want to kill Ninjas, GO!

N+ is a simple Physics based platformer where you control your ninja while he collects gold and opens the exit door to the next level. Many times this can be simple, like the screen below:

Or it can be like this:

One minute you will pass a stage with out dying once and then the next will take 25+ tries to complete. This is made almost completely un-frustrating due to the fact that you have unlimited lives. You just have to restart the screen.

The main Goal of the game is the Time limit. The time is slowly ticking down and collecting gold increases the amount of time you have to complete the episode. Time basically = Points in N+ The better your time, the Higher position on the leader boards you will place.

Time is not the only Enemy in N+. A variety of Ninja killing Robots inhabit many of the levels. Electricity charged orbs, bullet Turrets, Rocket turrets, laser turrets, and other vile death traps will try to kill you. These are the reason you will have to retry many levels several times as any hits taken will result in instant death. As will running into any of the tiny Red Dots placed in the levels.

Your ability's as a Ninja give you great acrobatics. you can run, jump, wall jump, and slide down walls. This is key to getting past every level in the game.

Other than the lengthy single player levels, there is a lot of Multiplayer options, including Co-op, Survival mode, and a Race mode. These can be played online and Localy. I have only played Survival mode so far and it is really addicting. Also included in the package is a Level maker to design you own levels. I have not personally checked this out yet so I dont know how it works or if you can share levels over live.

At 800 points, N+ is a fantastic value and a wonderful example of why Indie development can remain a valuable part of the industry.

9.5 - Buy It!(or at least play the demo)

Also there is a Web version found at Metanet Software's Website. I have not played that version so I dont know how featured it is, but I hear good things about it.
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