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For the movie lovers out there


I searched and searched to see if this was present anywhere on the C-Blogs or forums and didn't come up with any results, so I wanted to share this with those who love movies. There's a very fine line between gamer and movie addict so I thought some might appreciate this information.

AMC Theaters is having what they call a "Best Picture Showcase", where they show all 5 of the movies nominated for Best Picture in one day. That's right, 12 and a half hours of movies in one day for the generous price of $30. Included in that price is not only the cost of admission for all 5 movies, but unlimited popcorn all day (fucking gross) and I really hope unlimited drinks as well. I've never been to such an event but I'm really excited about it because of the lineup:

# Michael Clayton (I've heard good things about this one)
# There Will be Blood (really really want to see this)
# Atonement (meh, I guess I'll stay for this one)
# Juno (seen it once, well worth seeing again)
# No Country for Old Men (yes please)

You can go to the website and see if the AMC near you will be having this showcase. I'm pretty sure there's still plenty of tickets because most people wouldn't sit through 12 hours of movies. Let me know if you've been or are plan on going to this one; I'll be going to Pleasure Islands AMC here in Orlando. After the movies, I have a hot date with Princess Jasmine and Snow White. And by hot date, I mean two Cleveland Steamers for the price of one.

also i'm just kidding about the cleveland steamers. maybe ATM
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