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OH NO: Another Conan post w/video [slightly NSFW]

This will probably be the 3rd time you hear about this game at Destructoid but there's a reason for this: the game is fun. When Butmac first brought this game to our attention, he mentioned it was "better than heavenly sword" and we all went nuts. I personally thought Heavenly Sword looked amazing but it wasn't engaging enough for me on the action side of things. So he offered us an alternative to that experience and I put it to the back of my mind.

The second time that Conan was brought to our attention was through Mr. Wilson and his blog thanking Butmac for bring this game to the surface. Two post on the same game in less than 4 days? Usually this isn't a big deal (i.e Smash Bros) but this game was suppose to be trash right? We played the demo and hated it. It was a GOW clone and that's that right?

Wrong. Well kind of...it's still a GOW clone but if it wasn't fun, we would not be mentioning it. There's fun to be had here people.

After Mr. Wilson's blog I decided to go pick it up because hell, it's only 30 bucks. To my surprise the game is really, really fun. Granted, it's not the most polished game ever nor does it do anything spectacular in the story department but it does one thing well: it's a damn good time. There's no way in hell I would recommend this game at full price but for 30-35 bucks it's a bargain. I made a little video displaying a few of the games assets (boobs included) that make the game fun to me. Let me go ahead and apologize for the shitty footage because I'm just getting my head around capturing and editing video, soon I'll have it down to a science.

PS: Go buy the game or at least rent it. The demo doesn't do this game justice.

PPS: Music is way to loud, I'll be fixing that ASAP.

PPPS: Music at the end is super loud.

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