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Xbox 360: I Now Have One

This past weekend I decided to buckle down and get a Xbox 360 along with some original Xbox games since I never owned the original system. I also played a metric shitload of demos from Xbox Live.

Here are some brief initial impressions from the demos/games I have played so far.

Sonic the Hedgehog: Wow, I knew this was bad, but not vomit on the carpet bad! The main way to attack enemies is to Air Dash into them. Too bad the whole demo takes place on narrow corridors and I often found myself dashing off the side into a waterfall of doom.

Dead Rising: Running around smacking zombies with random objects in a mall is a lot of fun. The main plot of the game appears to be kind of loopy, but Capcom has always done that. The hero of the game, a photographer, also has an epic sized nose. Maybe he gets smelling powers later on?

Lost Odyssey: A lot of fun with some good music, but has a hard boss fight I am stuck on (the eagle near the beginning). People might argue against the back story filled short stories, but they are nice in their own right. Much like Jim Sterling mentioned in the recent Podtoid, I cried a manly tear after reading the first story. The presentation of the animated text, the sound effects, and music makes the short stories more engaging than they should be, despite the fact that they have little to do with the main plot. They do convey that short stories are very good at evoking varying emotions in the reader.

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic: The opening planet appears to be a bit slow and the battle system is choppy, but I have heard it gets better as it goes on. Feels remarkable unStarWarsy for a licensed title, although I realize it takes place 1000 years before the movies.

Anyone want to recommend some good 360 multiplayer Arcade Games or titles? Or give their gamer tags? ;)
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