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(Repost) Down Right Fierce: The Fighting Game C-Blog + Fighting Game Giveaway

Repost because I don't know how C-Blogs work apparently. Lukich, I have you earlier entry

Hi, my name is casualweaponry (casual for short) and I want to introduce a new C-Blog.

In Down Right Fierce (DRF for short), I want to break news of new fighting games, show some strategies, and also some hardware stuff. I'm in the middle of building a fighting game stick for the PS3, so the pics and vids of that will come in the near future.

I know fighting games aren't that popular, mainly because people think that they're too complicated. But for the average non-fighting game fan, did you know you've been cultivating skills all along that will help? Betcha you didn't, and I'll show you some examples via some of today's most popular games:

World of Warcraft:

I can hear you now: WoW isn't even a game. Technically it's not (I kid), but Wow teaches you a lot about attack ranges. Kiting an enemy in WoW is the same a executing a fireball trap or staying out of a character's throw range in a fighting game. Watch this example as Chun Li tries to stay out of Hugo's throw range, while Hugo tries to avoid Li's low forward to kick super art:

Team Fortress 2

TF2 teaches a couple of things also. First up strategy . Always attacking the same way in TF2 is going to accomplish the same thing that attacking in SF2 will do: nothing. This leads to my next point: tiers/counter characters.

Too many spies infiltrating your base and sapping your dispensers/teleporters/sentries? Smoke 'em out with a pyro. Got a sentry hiding just around a corner, and can't hit it with your rockets? Switch to Demoman and bounce some grenades around the corner, or switch to spy and sap it. Playing with the same character constantly is a bad idea. Know thy enemy; try all the characters in order to know what to expect

The theory of balance and counters are the same.You get the idea.

Devil May Cry 3/ Devil May Cry 4

These games are billed as action/adventure games, but make no mistake; DMC 3 and 4 are really fighting games! You have launchers, juggles, and evasive moves. But you also have deeper moves, like jump cancels, resets, and the oh-so-important parry in the Royal Guard style. Time it right, and blow bosses away in a single hit. Check out these Royal Guard vids:

No damage taken, crazy parries.

Agni and Rudra battle. Look for hints that attacks give away, and be prepared to counter.

Fighters share the same sense of timing, technique, and move execution that DMC3/DMC4 have. If you have a firm grip on the techniques in these games, then fighting games shouldn't be a problem for you.

Ugh, I made a tl;dr post that 99% of Dtoid won't read*. But here's the good part:


For the inaugural DRF, I will be giving away ONE FIGHTING GAME depending on what system you want it for. Enter by commenting. Wii owners will get Brawl of course**. I haven't decided what PS2/PS3/360 owners will get. Maybe Virtua Fighter or something. We'll work something out. One contest stipulation: winners must have been a Dtoid member as of yesterday at least.That makes it fair. Good luck and thanks for reading the last part at least :)

**I actually cut this short, expect part two in the near future.
**A gift card for enough for Brawl. That way you won't have to wait.
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